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Harvested by Olympic Peninsula Tribes, Dover fillets are skin off and a perfect Sole ready to bake, pan fry, and grille to perfection.
Harvested by Olympic Peninsula Tribes, Native Halibut fillets are skin off, frozen for the best quality.
If you're looking for a seafood option with excellent flavor, nice texture, and a good shelf life, try our rockfish fillet. Rockfish are known for firm dusky colored meat. Rockfish fillets perfectly complement a variety of side dishes, steamed vegetables, and pastas. Easy cooking and a great price means when you buy rockfish fillet online from us, you are getting an unbeatable deal and an opportunity to stretch your culinary skills.
Harvested by Olympic Peninsula Tribes, Black Cod fillets, skin on, provide a center of the plate experience in minutes. With a mild taste, a large...
Harvested by Olympic Peninsula Tribes, the Petrale fillets are skin off and ready to bake and grille for any occasion.
Available year round from sustainable fisheries in Hawaii and New Zealand, Ahi Tuna provides a center-of-the-plate protein, which can be prepared in a variety of...
Harvested by Olympic Peninsula Tribes, Native Halibut cheeks are a Pacific NW delicacy and easy to prepare.
Cod is one of the best white fish available and our Pacific True Cod is a delectable choice. With its flaky and tender texture, this...
Crispy and tender, our Battered Cod Bites are a crunchy delight perfect for appetizers or an easy to cook snack. Wholesale price starting at $5.65,...
Sustainably harvested by Costa Rican fishers, swordfish loins are a center-of-the-plate protein for any occasion.
These Calamari Steaks are tender and served best when fried or breaded as an appetizer. They are an excellent alternative to abalone steaks and have...