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Our Story

She Nah Nam Seafood delivers high-quality seafood and specialty foods that have been sourced fairly from tribal communities, produced sustainably and responsibly, and harvested from healthy and well-maintained land and wild fisheries.

Unlike other distributors, we process our seafood at our own HACCP-certified processing facility. We sell our superior, socially responsible products directly to consumers at highly competitive prices.

Our name, She Nah Nam, means Medicine Creek — a symbol of the Medicine Creek Treaty of 1854 and our mission of sustaining treaty rights and empowering Native producers.

The company grew from the success of a Nisqually Tribe pilot program established in 2012 to provide income stability for the tribal fishers. The vision of the program was to sustain tribal treaty rights while challenging the idea of a traditional market that commoditizes seafood and pays little to the producers.

After six years of operating as a nonprofit, She Nah Nam was established as a for-profit enterprise managed by Medicine Creek Enterprise Corp. on behalf of the Nisqually Tribe.


Our Values

People - We purchase our salmon and halibut directly from the northwest’s tribal entrepreneur fishers who receive premium prices for their hard and dangerous work. These entrepreneurs maintain traditions of land and sea stewardship that their ancestors have.

Planet - By receiving fair wages, our producers don’t have to overfish, sustaining the precious salmon resources for generations to come.

Nisqually Tribe’s nationally renowned environmental stewardship programs invest millions of dollars into habitat restoration and salmon recovery.

Prosperity - In addition to seafood, She Nah Nam provides tribal members an avenue for other responsibly produced products, such as olive oils, balsamic vinegars and wild rice. Our goal is to empower producers throughout Indian Country to earn sustainable wages and support their families.


The Nisqually Tribe

Located on the Nisqually River — just 15 miles east of Washington state’s capital, Olympia — the Nisqually Tribe is known as “people of the river, people of the grass.” Living in the watershed for thousands of years, the Nisqually Tribe has a rich salmon-oriented culture.

Salmon is also a mainstay in the Nisqually people’s diet, as well as a treasured resource and source of livelihood. As part of its extensive environmental stewardship programs, the Nisqually Tribe operates fish hatcheries at Clear Creek and Kalama Creek.

As an entrepreneurial tribe, Nisqually runs several successful businesses and has grown to be one of Thurston County’s largest employers.



She Nah Nam Seafood works with several distributors to sell its products at convenience stores and casinos throughout the northwest. We are constantly exploring opportunities to expand our reach, including to consumers across the country.

We ship via FedEx Monday through Thursdays from our processing plant only. Fresh items may require an additional two days for procurement which may impact the shipping date. Please contact us if you have any questions. 

She Nah Nam

Our Pledge

She Nah Nam Seafood products are sourced from Tribal Communities first. All our products are caught, made, harvested and processed in a responsible, fair and ethical manner. We strive to provide, promote and strengthen Tribal Communities through local empowerment, environmental stewardship and income stability.

Tribally Sourced

Sourced from Tribally Harvested and Tribally Made first.

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